Welcome to Certification Accreditation and Dissemination

It's in the name.

The truth is that the main exercise of our business is pretty much summed up in our company name. Our principle undertaking is to develop certification and accreditation schemes, and then disseminate as far and widely as possible their existence.

Why C.A.D. accreditation schemes?

Increasingly, industries and larger organisations have a public duty of care to discharge regarding such issues as quality assurance, customer service and consumers' rights. In order to satisfy these requirements, more and more industries and organisations are turning to accreditation and the introduction of accreditation schemes.

Accreditation schemes begin with the establishment of standards and requirements, which individuals and/or organisations can be assessed to. Some standards, like ISO 9000, already exist but often, a particular industry or organisation can have more specific requirements that call for a more specific accreditation scheme.

Our rigorous accreditation procedures remove uncertainty and provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind. Becoming accredited can also help to gain external finance, qualify for tenders and set an organisation apart from its competitors.